Another year comes to an end…

Another year comes to an end... |

I can’t believe it…. it’s 2010 already. Matt and I had such a great year… it had its ups and downs but so many do. So here’s a little recap of our year, with a Scrapbook page to go along with it…

We started off the year loving to Play Rock Band. Then I got some bad news. My Grandma needed emergency surgery. I flew out to Seattle and although it wasn’t for the greatest of reasons, I was able to see my family and some of my friends that I missed so much.
When I returned to Guam, we got together with a bunch of friends for some fun games of Poker… The boat had a Change of Command, which is always fun seeing everyone in their dress white uniforms. We enjoyed some more fun time with more friends and good ol’ Rock Band, golf, and something new… SCUBA DIVING!!! Yup, we got certified. It’s one of the most amazing experiences.
The Submarine force celebrated its 109th Birthday with yet another GREAT Sub Ball. We enjoyed some wonderful site seeing around the island and some more snorkeling and diving…
Memorial Day passed with a great display of hundred of flags at Asan Beach.
We had to say good-bye to some wonderful people… that’s part of the Navy life I can never get used to. My dearest friend, Liz, and her husband, Paul, moved to Washington DC in the middle of November… I miss them so much.
Thank goodness I have some great friends that L-O-V-E the Twilight Saga as much as I do though. The Twilight Saga: New Moon officially hit theaters November 20th and you know we were there for the midnight showing… It was a blast. We had tank tops made and a couple of us even put some temporary tattoos that looked like Vampire bites on us. What can I say…. it was fun!!!
The boat completed some great tasks and came back just before Thanksgiving!! YUP! I got to have my honey home for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year!!! We haven’t been together for Turkey Day since moving here three years ago. It was so nice having him home.
Soon the year was almost over and the celebrating began. . . parties, dinners, and more parties ensued. With lots of picture-taking. 🙂 We hope you all had a great year and look forward to sharing more with you…. 2010!!! Again, I can’t believe it!!!!







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