Another new year and all that will come with it…

It’s so crazy it’s already 2017. 20. 17.

2016 was a great year but 2017 brings lots of changes to our house. A possible move. A new command. New school. New house. Lots of goodbyes, whether we move or not, which is always hard. Thankfully so many of those we’ll be saying “goodbye” to are forever friends so it’s more of a see-you-later.

While I’ve never been one to keep a New Year’s Resolution for long, I’ve told myself, “Self… enjoy the time you have in Guam. Enjoy the time you have left with your friends. Enjoy the time you in general.” Not to make this post all sad and morbid, but you never know how long you have, right?

Anyways… Here’s to another new year and all that will come with it…

2 thoughts on “Another new year and all that will come with it…

  1. Joel Gibson Jr. says:

    Hey Jessica, it’s Joel (Jojo). I stumbled upon this through Pinterest of all places and realized it was a long lost childhood friend! Hope all is well with you, feel free to email me so we can catch up! Take care!

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