Another Hail & Farewell

While I was away Matt went to a Hail & Farewell. For those unfamiliar with the terms, when new people come to a command/boat we Hail them. When people leave, we say our Farewell. This specific Hail & Farewell I was very sad to have missed. We were saying farewell to several of our friends.

Chris, but most people call him Doc because he’s the Doc on the boat. He’s so fun. You can see more pictures of him from the Christmas party post I wrote last month. He’s such a genuine and great guy. I will really miss him.

 2009-01-14 2

2009-01-14 3

Travis & Lisa. Well yes, Travis will be missed but I will miss Lisa more. She’s one of my dearest friends. She’s part of a group of gals I’ve grown to love so much. This group of gals has slowly been disappearing since fall. Lisa and Travis will be moving to San Diego. Lisa, Liz, Alison, Candy & I have all been tightly wrapped around the Twilight Saga for the past few months. Every time we talk Twilight is bound to come up. I told Lisa earlier this week when Liz, her, and I went to dinner that I hope, come November, when New Moon, the sequel to Twilight, comes out that I’d love to come see her in San Diego and make a trip to Hollywood for the premiere. Red carpet, movie stars, fans, and of course us. That would be so fun. Now of course this is months away, but here’s to dreaming right?

 2009-01-14 4

Matt & Joanna. They are moving to Pearl Harbor. We’ve enjoyed several nights of poker with them since moving to the island. Poker nights will be sad without them. The first time I met Joanna and Matt was at the Navy Exchange. Matt introduced his wife first and then daughters, Katelyn & Hailey. I immediately gasped. Those are the names Matt and I have on our list of names for our future little ones. I never forgot them which is easy to do with so many kids around sometimes. Joanna was very pregnant at the time with their third child, a little baby boy, Ian. He’s such a ham. Seeing his cute pudgy face without a big grin is rare. I’ll miss you guys so much and hope to keep in touch.


Matt and I are playing our last game of poker with Matt & Joanna tomorrow night. I’ll post more pics soon.

Here are some pictures Matt took the night of the Hail & Farewell. The views were amazing.

2009-01-14 5

2009-01-14 7

2009-01-14 6






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