Almost done…

Matt’s gone again and my Nutrition class is officially over as of tomorrow. It’s kept me busy while he’s been away but it’ll be nice to be done. All I have to do is complete my Proctored Exam and I’ll be done. I’m nervous. I don’t take tests very well. I walk in the door knowing everything I need to in order to pass with flying colors but then I sit down to take the test and it’s like my brain has been complete erased of any information pertaining to the class. I guess you could say I have test anxiety. Just a little bit.
I’ve studied almost all day and hopefully I don’t panic too much tomorrow. Even if I completely fail the test I should still be able to pass the class and get the credits (3) that I need in order to apply to be a substitute teach for DODEA (the government schools here in Guam).
I’m really looking forward to teaching. It’ll give me some experience with the kids so I can figure out if I really want to be a teacher. If so, I’ll go back to school full-time and get my degree. I won’t officially go full-time until after the GI bill is officially available for spouses of active duty military. Once that is available for me, I’ll take the plunge.
A friend of mine, Candy, has two girls that are so excited for me to be their substitute teacher. It makes me laugh. Every time I see them they ask me when I’m going to start teaching them. They’re so sweet.

Well I’d better get off the computer and spend some time with the pups. They look like they could use some love and attention. I’ll write more again soon.







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