Almost certified…

We’ve just completed our test for our dive certification and tomorrow is our last dive before its official. I’m really really excited to get in the water again. Its amazing down there. I have to force myself not to smile or laugh… if I do, I have to clear my mask and believe me by this point I have a million times or more. Its great though. At least I know how to clear my mask pretty well.
We’re going to buy all of our gear tomorrow. It’s not cheap but once you buy your gear that’s all you have to buy really… other than the obvious thing, AIR, but that doesn’t cost much.
Boat dives are pretty inexpensive here. Matt went on a couple in Hawaii and said they were almost $100 a dive but here its only $25. That’ll be fun. Plus, if we sign up for this program they call the “5 star” we get 4 FREE boat dives a year, discounts on gear & accessories and discounts at local restaurants. We’re going to sign up for that right away.
Well I told you I’d write and I will again soon… I’m still really sleepy and want to have as much rest as I can before tomorrows dive. 🙂 Until tomorrow…







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