Matt and I have been thinking about getting a new puppy. We’ve thought it would be wonderful for Tess (our spoiled mini doxie) to have a pup to play with when we’re away at work and we’ve done it.

We just went to a shelter on island called GAIN, Guam Animals In Need. It’s a shelter where many animals are dropped off with out thought of what could happen to them. There’s even a “drop-box” for those that need to drop animals off after hours. They have a sign up that says “If you’re dropping of a litter we’ll spay the Mama for free”. I wanted to cry.

When you walk into the gates of the place you see row after row of large kennels with various dogs in each one panting from the heat of the sun. The puppies were in row E. As we made our way there my heart broke to see all the full-grown dogs that will likely be at the shelter for a very long time.

The puppies were all so cute and Matt and I took out many before deciding which one we were going to take home with us. When we decided which one would be our new love all we had to do was pay $35.00 which would pay for what had been used to care for him. Then they required the dog to be neutered at a vet near by before we take him home. The shelter is run by volunteers and the animals are fed with food that is donated.

It’s all very sad how many animals are left without anyone to take care of them. I’ve decided to make a donation when ever I can. Whether its food, bleach, or cleaning tools, it will all be put to great use at GAIN. As much as I’d love to volunteer too, I have very little time as it is since I’m working so much.

A friend of mine told me about GAIN and I’m so glad she did. As much as some dogs cost now days, I’m proud to say we’ve rescued one that may have died had Matt and I decided to buy one instead. Another sad truth is if a typhoon approach the island the shelter has to put all the animals to sleep so they don’t get injured during the storm.

I know this isn’t a very happy blog, but I hope if any of you decide to add a new animal to your family, you’ll think of adopting. So many animals are out there that deserve a wonderful home like yours.

We’ve named our little “boonie” dog Jack. Boonie is a big word on island for many things from cars to hikes in the jungle. He’s a little tan pup with a black muzzle and bright blue eyes. He looks like a mix between a boxer and pit bull. We have no idea how big he’ll get since he’s a mutt but I’m looking forward to having him just the same. I’ll make sure to post pictures of him as soon as he is welcomed home.







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