Adding to my list of resolutions

I posted earlier about my New Year’s Resolutions for 2014.  While I, literally, just wrote about them, I have to add to my list.  I know… I’m a dork.  But this one is pretty important.

Step Away from (almost all) Social Media


Why?  Well one reason… Time.  It’s finite.  I’ve been wasting so much of it and sadly it’s impossible to make more.  Instead, I must use the resolution of “Organize Organize Organize” to do just that with my time to readjust how I spend it.

With it I’ve decided to give up my personal Facebook account and create a page for my blog.  I won’t be able to delete my personal page because it is linked to my page for {the little black boat.} and my Pampered Chef business.  My solution.  My personal page will still be there, I just won’t continue posting to it or to any of my friends pages.  I will however post occasionally on my new blog page and keep in contact with those I love in other ways than FB.

Which brings me to another reason why.

It’s sad how saying “Happy Birthday” or “Merry Christmas” to those you know and love has become an impersonal post on social media.  I really, really hate that.  Part of this resolution will also help me get past that.  I’m going to use my valuable time to make a more personal effort to keep in contact with my loved ones.  How many letters or cards do we receive in the mail now?  Very little.  I love getting mail… I used to love getting emails.  Now I dread seeing the number on my mail app.

My new blog FB page won’t look all that pretty until we get settled with all of our belongings in Maine.  Oh the joys of moving all the time… I miss my studio.

Have you made your resolutions and then added to the list??






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