A New Moon rose in Guam…


A New Moon rose in Guam... | JessicaFawn.com

Being stationed in Guam away from family can be hard… it’s a long way from family and has it’s ups and downs. One of the ups to being where “America’s day begins” is we get to see movies almost a full day before those in the states. Our group included a bunch of spouses from every walk of the military life. We have been planning every detail of November 20th for months. I bought tickets for the midnight showing on Sept 25th. Up until recently we planned on going to dinner and then standing in line for a good while in order to get the best seats. About a two weeks ago I found out the theater was going to be playing Twilight at 9 PM prior to the midnight showing. This was great!!! Not only could we watch both movies back to back but we’d also be able to save our seats from Twilight and not lose them when seeing New Moon.

A bunch of gals and I had tanks made for our special night. My friend KerryAnn and I even wore bite mark temp tattoos and glow in the dark vamp teeth. I know I know Twilight vamps don’t have fangs, but it put us into a festive mood. It was a great night and one I’ll never forget.

 A New Moon rose in Guam... | JessicaFawn.com

KerryAnn needed a bite of me…

 A New Moon rose in Guam... | JessicaFawn.com

Andrea, Michelle, KerryAnn, Sheila & Me.

 A New Moon rose in Guam... | JessicaFawn.com

Are you ready?

Now only 222 days until Eclipse…. CAN’T WAIT!!!







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