A much needed moving vent…

I have to apologize now before you get any further in this post.  It’s going to be heavy on the whining and venting.  I may sound like a three-year old by the time this post ends so I do apologize.  Maybe it’ll make me feel better if I get it all out…  even if no one ends up reading it.  So here goes…

I want this move to be over.  NOW!!!!  Why can’t it be over and done??

(kicking and screaming on the floor)

I’m sick of the endless clutter on our countertops of stuff we need but that can’t truly be put away because the movers, for the second time, will be here tomorrow.  I’m tired of the nagging feeling that I’m forgetting something important.

I’m sooooo missing our nice comfy bed after sleeping almost a month on our Aerobed.   One or two nights, even three, would be ok.  My body is screaming at me for sleeping on it for close to a month.

I want our home back.  With all the blank walls and lack of furniture, the barking from our dogs is INSANE.  The constant echoes and volume is ear-piercing.

Thankfully it’s getting closer and closer to being over.

This afternoon, Matt takes his Jeep to Matson and I take the pups to the vet to get their health certificates for their flights on the 11th.

Tomorrow, the movers will be here to take whats left of our belongings (the not-so-comfy-after-sleeping-on-it-for-too-many-nights Aerobed, TV, kitchen essentials, toys, etc.).

Wednesday we take all of our suitcases, the pups and their crates, and the kid (of course) to the lodge on base, the Royal Alakai, where we’ll be staying until we leave island on the 14th.

In about a week the Hawaii part of the move will be done.  Then it’ll be onto the Maine part…

A visit with family in Sharon, MA, accepting our new temporary-home in Kittery, waiting for our HHG (household goods) to arrive, and then putting the house together again just to live in some form of normalcy for a short while just to turn around and do it all over again in about a year.  sigh.
For now, I’ll continue doing what I have been.  Take everything one day at a time and try not to stress about things I cannot do anything about.

I feel a bit better…

Are you moving/PCSing anytime soon?  What things do you hate about moving?

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4 thoughts on “A much needed moving vent…

  1. Jennifer @ Also Known As...the Wife says:

    Anytime I hound my husband to go active duty, he reminds me of the horror PCS stories I’ve told him about. I hope your move starts to smooth out and they get your HHG to you ASAP.

    Maine is absolutely beautiful so hopefully that will bee some condolence to all this hassle.

  2. Candy Olivares (@Candypo) says:

    Wow Hawaii to Maine? That’s wild! We should be pcs’ing in the summer.. we’re in the states though.. I would have to say the worst part of a PCS is the uncertainty..How’s the trip over going to to, how are the boys going to deal, how will our new housing situation be.. I’m gonna miss my friends.. and a whole other things to consider and stress about.. sheesh.. Looking forward to reading more. Found you from the Military Spouse Bloggers link up on Facebook.

  3. Mary Meyer (@mommammeyer) says:

    We haven’t moved through a PCS, my husband is Air National Guard, but I do feel your pain on the general moving issues. I have known my husband for just about 5 years and we have moved to 2 apartments and 2 houses in that time. The last one was with our 3 month old (at the time) in tow. It’s hard to stay somewhere that doesn’t feel like home, especially if it was your home. It sounds like your nearing the end but that always means the work on the other side has to start. Whenever I unpack we do the bedroom and bathroom first, followed by the kitchen. If I have a skillet to cook in and my sheets to sleep in that pretty much sets up my day. I hope everything goes smoothly for you! ~ Found you through the MSB link up FB post!

  4. Melissa says:

    OCONUS PCSs are so much more complicated (and drawn out) that CONUS PCSs are. Hang in there and good luck! We’ve got another PCS coming up in May (our last PCS…OCONUS…was last May). We’re averaging a PCS ever 14 months. It’s crazy, but we get through it. Sending you some warm thoughts for a comfortable night’s sleep, quiet dogs, and uneventful travel.

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