11 days left in Hawaii

We’ve been without all of our HHG (household goods) since Dec 10th.  I’ve been without my Jeep since Nov 6th.

Let me just say how boring it gets without having all of my projects to work on.  It’s been nice having the break, but knowing I could be working on stuff for my shop makes me not only sad but also a tiny bit crazy.

What does one do without projects?

H and I have been spending a lot more time at the park, which we both love.  He enjoys going down the slide the most but the funny thing is, he only goes down the double slide with me right next to him.  He won’t go down the bumpy one of the squiggly one… it’s so cute.  He takes my hand and pulls me to the slide over and over and over again.

Dinner every night is a bit tricky.  I have to plan something really, and I mean REALLY, simple because again, I don’t have all my tools handy since they’re all on their way to Maine.

We only have 4 more nights left in our house and then we’ll be on our way to the Royal Alakai (read about our previous stay here).  Our final “express” pack out is on Tuesday and then we’ll do a cleanup of the house in time for our final inspection on Thursday.  It’ll be nice not having to worry about anymore pack outs.  We’ll bring the dogs to the airport next Saturday and then a few days later we follow them.

It’s going so very fast but I wish I could do a little wiggle of the nose I Dream of Jeannie style and just be there and settled.  How nice would that be?

One thought on “11 days left in Hawaii

  1. Melissa L. says:

    I usually like to have projects to work on to. But most of my time it’s housework! LOL It is fun though to have a fun hobby. Enjoy your vacation!

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