10 Day You Challenge: {seven wants}

10 Day You Challenge

Today’s challenge is 7 Wants… this one should be pretty easy, but we’ll see.

{1}  I want my family to be happy.  I know it sounds silly, but its something that I really want.  While I can say my childhood was good, there were parts I wish didn’t happen, as with anyone.  There are things I wish I didn’t have to experience and I want Holden to not have to go through what I did.  I want him to be happy, very happy.  I want my husband to be happy.  I want to be happy.

{2}  I want a nice sewing machine.  One I can start learning how to quilt on.  One I can sew my husbands patches on with.  One that is strong and powerful.

{3}  I want a cupcake.  LOL.  It’s not even 11 AM yet, but its the truth, I want a cupcake.

{4} I want to, someday, get together with my closest girlfriends and have a GIRLS ONLY trip.

{5}  I want, and this is a stretch, the economy to get better sooner than later.  I have so many friends that are in a very bad place because they can’t sell their houses.  They’re away from their husbands and their husbands are away from their families and it’s heartbreaking.

{6}  I want to know where and when we’re PCSing next.  This won’t happen, but it’d still be nice to know.  The unknown is hard to deal with sometimes.  I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll get stationed back in CT again… but my number two choice would be here in Hawaii.  Now if only my wanting to go to a specific local would do anything.

{7}  I want ice cream…  ha ha ha.  I am pregnant ya know.  What can I say.  I have a sweet tooth, that hasn’t changed since before I was pregnant, it’s just heightened now and oh-man-oh-man, it’s hard to tell myself no sometimes.

Well that’s 7 wants…  until tomorrow… what do you want?

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