10 Day You Challenge: {eight fears}

10 Day You Challenge

Fears…  This challenge was especially hard and I was only able to come up with 6 of the 8.  It was hard.

{1}  Not being a good mother.  While I’ve seen some great mothers, I’ve also seen not so great mothers and I hope I don’t fall into the latter category.

{2}  I hesitate to put this out there, because it is the one thing I fear above all things, and I’m so close to overcoming it…  Not being able to have children.  It may sound silly to some, but I fear not having children more than death.  I’ve always wanted to be a mother, and I know, if something were to happen in the next 6 weeks, we could always try again, and if not successful, we could adopt or be foster parents, but to have at least one of my own means so much to me.

{3}  Being useless.  I have a very hard time asking for help, let alone not being able to do anything for myself.

{4} I don’t have a fear of flying… but I have a hate/fear relationship with turbulence.  Ever since a really bad flight back to Guam where the place literally fell, I have had the fear of not making it back to the ground in one piece.  As long as it’s a smooth flight, I’m good.

{5}  My family and friends not knowing how much I love them after I’m gone.

{6}  The day I have to say goodbye to the love of my life.

Until tomorrow… what are your fears?







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